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June 22, 2009:
There's a new comic up, and it's far more interesting than my rambling here. I do have a couple of other links for you though:

An Arbuckle Thanksgiving

An Arbuckle Christmas

Both of these are Garfield holiday specials with Odie and Garfield carefully removed. The end result is hilarious, just as Garfield Minus Garfield itself is.

Speaking of cartoons... out of curiosity, does anyone know what became of the International Museum of Cartoon Art? Their website used to be here, and the last I heard, they were working on opening up in the ground floor of the Empire State Building in New York City. However, now, the website's deader than the humor of a United Features Syndicate writers' pool, and the collection appears to have possibly moved over to Ohio State University. The once associated Delbo Cartoon Camp might or might not still be around? I can't really tell.

I'd kinda like to see this cartoon library and museum...

January 27, 2009:
This is bananas - B - A - N - A - N - A - S.
Does anyone else think it's strange that I haven't really done anything with this comic in like, forever? Well, I do indeed to change that. It's really something I enjoy. I've got some grand plans for it, all of which are utter nonsense as usual. Glee.

As for other things... the Bravo November blog keeps breaking. I know its content is currently inaccessible, and I'm going to investigate why. It's a shame it's been down, since it has some quite valuable stuff, such as me rambling for MEGABITS about nickel-based battery recharging! Yay, I'm just in time with that to see *every* portable device in the world go to lithium-ion/polymer! FYI, Motorola Impres = lose.

Either way, I feel like I live a far different life lately than I did a short while back... one in which tons of old drama can be left behind, and I can feel more free to express myself as I am.

So, anyway... stuff I'm working on as of late... I just dug out some slightly aged (but stored under the great savior, air conditioning!) photographic film and paper I just can't wait to blast some images into.

You can catch me on the radio in a couple of places. When I'm around a radio, I'm usually on 146.580 mhz simplex, or the AC4XQ repeater system. I might as well mention, for the first time ever, my callsign: KG4CYX. Also, you can sometimes find me hijacking WRGP at random times, usually when someone didn't come in for their show, or there's simply no show scheduled for that time. I'm the station engineer, so I can get away with it. XD

Also, I'm one of the conspirators behind the snack panel at Yasumicon. With the loving sponsorship of Tate's Comics, we'll be bringing you Japanese snacks and snack-based information and entertainment. By all means, come to Yasumicon if you're around... it's free, and you get far more than you paid for.

Anyway, that's probably all the rambling I should do on this page anyway, this is getting pretty long and I'm actually supposed to be working on a paper. Well... ok, it's only for extra credit. So, foo.

If you're looking for anything more out of this little rectangle of hypertext, go play with a funky Galaga car wash robot or something.

August 19, 2008:
Man, this has been dead for all too long now... but it's by no means forgotten. I really do plan on making silly comics here again soon. I've just had a strange life as of late, which hasn't really left me that much time to devote to this. I would really love to getting back to the silliness in comic form, as I've always found it most enjoyable.

Also, La Nina, your "hurricanes" are DEFECTIVE. That crap didn't even give us eight inches of rain, wtf? I demand URBAN FLOODING, you silly thing!

(This is in reference to T.S. Fay, which some people are claiming is a hurricane, despite it not officially being one. Go figure... later this year they'll probably be claiming a normal summer thunderstorm is a 'cane.)

March 5, 2006:
Well, if you've been watching carefully, you'd find that there are a few comic updates here that I never mentioned on this page. Why? Ask the fnords. I dunno. Speaking of which, there's one today... just give the latest comic link a poke.

Planning is going on now for the Japan Anime Festival and YasumiCon, both to be held at FIU by the Anything Goes Anime club. Woot. More details on both here! And now, I'm going back to sleep.

December 23, 2005:
Ok... that... took a while, didn't it? We're back up and running, now with even MORE silliness!
October 22, 2005:
O S N A P ! ! ! W I L M A N A T E D ! ! !

Well... will be down for about a week (exact time unknown) starting Monday, due to's datacenter (where it's being hosted) losing their lease. In the meantime, I'll have a backup site of some sort on, my home server. And that'll be up... well... as long as I have AC and/or battery power for it.

October 8, 2005:
I'm well behind on my desired progress, as I just found out (SURPRISE!) that I no longer get weekends. Thank you, dysfunctional family.
... I managed to finish Onsokumaru's Great Adventure anyway. Mmmm, fanimutation goodness. Yay!

I'm particularly all too fond of the fact that I have the PantherSoft building getting hit by a Hello Kitty nuclear bus. ^_^

October 5, 2005, HOLY CRAP:
Woah. I'm a LITTLE farther behind than I thought I was, am I not?

Without further ado, I present the following utterly pointless piece of content: Stork Seven. I mean, Seiben. And it sounds so much cooler when said by someone who actually speaks German.

August 15, 2005:
Only MONTHS in the making of bits and pieces thereof, the latest comic is up. Is it just me, or is it even wackier than usual?
Well, as for... stuff... I'll be at Otakon this weekend, if all goes well. I don't have a table or anything (I'm too cool to have such, bwahahaha), but you may catch me around the artist's alley, lurking. Only a few of you know how to find me, though, so I'll add this: I'll probably be the one taking lots of weird photographs with the Spotmatic II. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
June 8, 2005:
Sorry it's been a while without any activity here... I kind of got murdered in my own bathtub by someone wielding a scrub brush and a pair of pliers. Just look at the mess they made with my blood! Yeech! Fortunately, one of my minions had the number for an EXCELLENT mad scientist in their PDA (even if they couldn't remember entering it there!), and they got me fully reanimated as undead! Yay! Now I can continue making my insane comics in zombie form! I do have the STRANGEST case of the munchies at the moment, though...
May 22, 2005:
I do believe it's been far too long without an actual comic. Well, the wait is finally over. And here it is. Now, tomorrow's 5/23/2005, which ought to have the coolest Discordian significance ever. Hail Eris! May thee spread the blissful chaos far and wide! I know I certainly will.
May 8, 2005:
Still working on getting the whole comic thing back in order. For now, I throw shiny things your way and run off. Ooooooh, buttons!
This has been a 100% pointless update.
May 5, 2005:
WHOA, I've been slow on things. But now I'm getting back into the usual evil habits, really. I've updated some stuff over in the core. Notably, the Otakucon report now contains some better semblance to actual facts as opposed to pure piffle. Oh, did I mention I hate that document? Gah. In other news, congratulations to MDTA for introducing the most retarded fare structure in existence! It's so nice of you guys to make a monthly pass cost $56.25 for college students ($75 with no discount!), and increase the cost of a transfer to 50 cents, while not introducing the previously promised daily and weekly passes that BCT and PalmTran have had for many years to elminate the hassle of transfers for occasional transit users. You guys just give me a warm, fuzzy, loved feeling.... right in my sigmoid colon. Yay! ... Um... hi. I really didn't mean to turn this into a big horrible rant. Come back in a couple of days and there will be comic shininess that vastly outshines this. I'm serious.
March 30, 2005:
Mrow? ... Odd, I can't think of anything to say other than "Mrow?" right now. Except, perhaps, "Nyo." Yes, I'm making SO MUCH SENSE right now! Bwahahahahaha!
March 3, 2005:
The time it takes, the time it takes to let go. This comic's based on an incident that, for no particularly good reason, scared the fnord out of me when it happened. Now, it's fun to look back on it and laugh! Weee!

Hmm. I guess the world never stays the same, in a way... everything changes from time to time, including myself. And this time, they're changes for the better.

Okay, I'll stop being all cryptic and add the following:
My Plan for Artistic Improvement
(because, as you all know, it's desperately needed!)
1. In the field of art, and many other places in the world... one learns by doing, and I'm not learning all that much because I'm not doing much. I plan to immerse myself more in my artwork, and not let a day go by without drawing, without studying the conversion of the world to two-dimensional space.
B. I want to take a figure drawing class, to better learn the complexities of drawing the human form. Maybe one of these days I'll even learn how to draw a car. (Buses are too easy... they're just all rectangles, for the most part... that's why you see so many of 'em here. Well, that and I believe them to be a far superior vehicle of road-based transit.)
0xDEADBEEF. Since most of my work is a combination of conventional and digital art techniques, I also plan to improve on the digital side. I really love The GIMP for its features and nice interface, but I think taking a class in Photoshop might benefit me some. After all, the tools are all pretty much the same, and knowing how to use them is half the battle. I also want to get a drawing tablet, to improve my interaction with my shiny digital box.
Thryatron. I wish to get to know some fellow members of the online art/comics community a bit better, in hopes that I can learn from them, and they can learn from me... and I can just generally meet a lot of cool people.
3.14159. I'm already pretty good at stopping and enjoying whatever scenery, sights, and sounds I live in, wherever and whenever I am, but it's all become a little too familiar. I plan to explore the world a bit more, in hopes that it will inspire me to capture more of the strange and wonderful moments of everyday life almost as if through the eyes of others.
Basugasubakuhatsu. I need to obtain more caffeine. Yes.

And there you have it. My hopes are that if I leave this sitting out in a public place such as this, I'll be a little better reminded to follow my own plans, in pursuit of greatness and MADNESS!

note to self: check the monitor calibration, you silly bork.
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