028Dolphin Mall: The Shopping Experience
Or, "I'm a consumer whore!"
027YasumiCon 2005
Or, "Hurricane, hurricane, go away..."
026Worm 'O' The Day
Or, "I see dumb people!"
Or, "Go away, or I shall spam you a second time - QUICKLY!"
024Megacon 2005
Or, "Unexpectedly awesome"
Or, "Had this been an actual emergency, you would now be dead"
022FM radio, Version 2.0
Or, "Bringing broadcasting back to the masses"
021The Ultimate SUV
Or, "Death By Soccer Mom"
Kunicon - "Hell On Earth, Visiting Your City Soon"
019Instruments of Destruction
or, "Hollow points and cold hearts"
018User Interface Design, Lesson One
Or, "Worst Case Scenarios for a digital world"
017Fun With Junk Faxes
Or, "I actually call 'em 'Fpam'!"
Or, "Hey, Soft Scrub isn't a salad dressing!"
015An ode to the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
Or, "trying very hard not to violate the AUP"
014Buses Of Fire
In which the secret mission of the artics is discovered
013Art[sic] In Public Places
Or, "but random bits of Cor-Ten steel are dead sexy!"
012Photography: The forbidden art?
Wow, this is a rant if I ever saw one.
011Unsightly perforation
Or, "Does it hurt to look that stupid?"
010Wherein I rant about switches.
009The Pontiac Vibe reviewed
or, "An honest attempt to obtain hate mail"
008 Waterworld!
007 For sale: One home, with extra features...
006 A note to South Florida developers...
005 Banner Madness
000 Goth?
000 I have a strange mind...
Plushie Purgatory?!
Artist's Statement
Past - Present - Future?
Leave the core!