Teddy Bear Purgatory

NOTE: This is based somewhat on some very fractured beliefs of various religions on the afterlife. If this confuses you, sorry. If this offends you, cheese.
I cannot believe what I just experienced today with my own senses.
Now, think for a moment about the wonderful gift to humanity known as plush toys... and where they come from. To the consumer, little is known about their origins, before they reach our local stores of various sorts.
But, where are plushies made?
I have not yet had the chance to see exactly where this happens, so I don't know. However, I do now know where evil plush toys go for recovery and readoption by humanity, after they have somehow turned on the human race, perhaps by choking an infant on small, unsecured parts...

Myself and my companion stepped into the place, conveniently located inside a large South Florida shopping mall, and found it to look vaguely like a factory floor, with various fantasy equipment, like a giant gumball-machine-like structure filled with plastic heart-shaped objects...
It was then that I started to further explore the "manufacturing" process. The first step of this process was to select what model of plush toy you wanted. They had some that looked like bears, some that looked like raccoons... that's not the important part, after all. There were about 14 different kinds.
The importantly disturbing part was that they were all stored in large barrels near the front of the facility, DEAD and drained of stuffing.
A chorus of continuously repeating voices came from behind the wall where the drums were located...


Their souls cried out, trapped somewhere unseen, awaiting somebody freeing them back into the world...
Eventually, I became aware of a sound, which must have been emanating from the back of the facility ever since I entered... a low, painful, repetitive moaning. I figured the back of the facility was where the tormented spirits entered and got stuffed in whatever kinds of jars they kept them in until they could be purified and reunited with plush bodies.
I looked to the face of a small child who had entered the facility at just that moment, and saw a look of pure terror on his face.
That look was also echoed by my companion's face, who proceeded to get the hell out of there with myself following.
Of course, we then proceeded to laugh until tears ran down our faces.
My question, after seeing all of this, is... have these bears and stuff REALLY been cleansed of their evils, through the agony their souls have suffered?
You'd better check to see that the eyes on that stuffed rabbit are tightly attached...
You may go back, or somewhere else entirely.