Some thoughts on buses.
So, there are several distinct types of buses out there, and each has its own somewhat dedicated purpose. They are as follows:

School Bus: To transport a very large number of (hopefully) small children, packed in like sardines. Equipped with large amounts of yellowness. Known subclasses: 'Short Bus' (around 25'), normal 35-40'.

Mini-bus: For transporting 10-30 people, depending on how it's configured.1

Full size transit bus: For transporting 20-40 passengers. Usual length is around 40 feet.

Other: Specialized applications; transport of prisoners, mobile libraries and other weird stuff.

Articulated bus: To catch fire.2

Examples of the articulated class's behavior have been shown by Miami-Dade Transit's unit number 5011, inside and outside. (Special thanks to BusProwler.) Similar behavior has been exhibited by three units in London, as reported by The Register, The Sun, and BBC.

We now return you to your regularly unscheduled disinformation.

1: Or, becoming comically overcrowded (even to the point of causing mechanical failures!) on certain MDTA routes where they were rudely inserted in place of full-size buses.
2: Also, to be very amusing to ride while sitting in the accordiony section in the middle... I guess.

Update: A nice person over at SouthFloridaTransit sent along this nice list of buses that have gone out in a blaze of glory!

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