Lack Of Copyright Statement

Yes. I did indeed create this madness.

And yes, you are free to use it in any way you wish. However, do not claim my work to be your own, because, well, it isn't your own. Trust me, it'll get you into trouble, but not with me. I know you can do much better than I can.

You can use my photographs in whatever you want; just out of sheer curiosity, though, I'd be interested in knowing what you're using them for. Yes, I know, most people will claim all sorts of copyright nonsense on their photography work, but... I don't believe in that. Sure, I'll respect the rights of others to control what is done with their work, but I don't believe in it myself. Why? I didn't create the image; that was created when light (usually from that big, stupidly bright orb on the ceiling of the Big Room) bounced off of, or was absorbed by, matter. I just took that image and magically stuck it on the screen in front of you. (Magic, of course, can be the only possible definition for how the whole 'bucket brigade device' nature of CCD sensors works, but... I digress.)

Also, I do have larger, higher resolution versions of most of the photos on the gallery page. If you need a larger one, just e-mail me. vxo *at*
(Don't spam me at this address, though. It will not produce desirable results.)

Anyway, you're probably tired of reading this nonsense, right? If so, go back from whence you came.