Model C-60 Articulated Combat Bus
Engine: 350 HP diesel.

Transmission: Allison, 5 speed automatic, with integrated retarders.

Length: 60 feet
Width: 102 inches
Height: 120 inches
Excluding weapons

Chassis: Stainless steel. Body panels: Bulletproof non-radar-reflective composite, steel-armored optional. Bullet-proof articulated hinge and windows standard.

Tires: Shrapnel-resistant, run-flat capable.

Seating: In standard configuration, 55 passengers.

Electrical system: EMP-resistant, 24 volt, with 200 amp water-cooled alternator.

HVAC system: Top-mounted air conditioning/heating unit with chemical/biological agent filtration.

Weapons systems: Front-mounted Gatling machine gun with 6,000 shot per minute repeat rate. Hydraulically operated.
Optional surface-to-air missiles, super-long range flamethrower, radar jammer, EMP generator, laser cannon.

Options: Minesweeping roller, front and rear battering-ram bumpers, 200 gallon explosion-proof fuel tank.