This page should help you make some sense of the pure madness that is Blue Neon.

General Madness:
Blue Neon is a comic about completely random stuff, as you may have discovered. I'm not even sure whether to call it a series, or a stream of conciousness. I can't really explain how I come up with most of this crap, really.

I'm using that sorta hybrid paper/digital process that's all the rage among the cool kids these days; lineart on paper, scanned and digitally cleaned up and colored. Some of the earlier strips were colored on paper using Prismacolor pencils, but I wasn't really satisfied with the results.

Let's see... a big shout out goes to the following: Micron pens, Gentoo Linux, The GIMP, xsane, and Mountain Dew.

Storm Phillips, Keeper of the Great Espresso Machine of Universal Peace and Happiness: Storm is a reporter for the Miami Journal, a local independent newspaper. He lives at home with his somewhat randomly nonexistent family, and his cat, Isaac. He also just happens to be capable of generating massive amounts of electrical energy, and getting a score of 57,000,000 on Whirlwind. His girlfriend, Chloe, thinks he cheated by zapping the switch matrix, but we can't really prove it either way...

Julie Andrews, Cute Mad Scientist of Doooooooom: Her current career field may not have been her first choice, but there were so few opportunities for evil present in the field of biomedical engineering, with all the government regulations and all that. She currently works in the secret underground headquarters of the Gables Systems Company, deep below the streets and semi-pure unobtainium parking spaces of Coral Gables. She tends to like vehicles that can be driven very fast, and things that explode. Her fields of expertise seem to be in blowing stuff up and designing buses.