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My pet dust hamster!

Posted in Imagery, Radio, Technology, Uncategorized on December 15th, 2005

Hello! I have a new pet, George, the dust hamster! He likes dark places, ’80s synth-pop music, and the power supplies of Pacific Recorders & Engineering BMX-II (circa 1984) broadcast studio consoles!

In other news, I think I shall apply for a Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit. (What is all this nuttiness?). That way, I can officially be chief engineer/operator here… or anywhere else. I’d like to do the GROL testing some time as well… but that can wait for now.

X-Men Candy Sticks!

Posted in Imagery, Uncategorized, Universe-Flavored Pudding on November 13th, 2005

Tonight myself and some of the people from my sinister anime overlord agency were over at Dave & Buster’s, and were playing various games on their ‘Million Dollar Midway’. (The i, d, w, and a were missing from ‘Midway’, so it just said ‘Million Dollar M Y’. I wish I’d brought my camera.)

There are basically two areas to the ‘Midway’ - normal games, and ‘redemption’ games, the ones that award tickets or other prizes as a result of skillful play. I had an old card from a Power Combo that had about 2 credits left on it (where most of the games want 2.2… or 2.5… or such.) Along the line I found a crane machine full of candy, which claimed that it would NEVER leave you without a prize after playing! In fact, if it failed to grab a prize, it would add another credit and let you try again! Wow, I would have my sugar NO MATTER WHAT!

And lo and behold, I got a pack of Sweet Tarts, and these… very curious… “X-Men Candy Sticks”.

(The box was originally in quite pristine condition, until it spent some time being transported in one of the pockets of those which I refer to as my ninja pants. Yeah, maybe ninjas don’t wear these specifically, but they’re the most comfortable and wonderful black cargo pants I’ve ever owned and I would certainly wear them if I was a ninja. Moving right along…)

Yes… the sticks themselves look like something purchased right off the street in Opa-Locka.

Well then.

If this is what crack is like, I am sorely disappointed. It was quite tasteless, and barely even sweet. Remember kids, don’t even bother with crack. Le sigh. Here are the apparent ingredients of CRACK, should you be curious:

Remember to tell the cops you got the secret ingredient list off the INTERNET!!!

The bling invasion scores another stronghold

Posted in Imagery, Uncategorized on July 13th, 2005

I just spotted here, in the university center at FIU, a bling-equipped electric wheelchair.

It had short red neon tubes underneath providing underbody lighting, chrome spinner rims, and the silliest part of all? It had those skate wheels with the little magneto/color LED hubs and clear rubber surround for the small rollers at the back that prevent it from tipping backwards when running over curb cuts. It kinda reminded me, perhaps, of Craig Johnson’s wheels, but with less “cool” and more “oh dear gods that is WRONG”.

Like any such modifications, these were aesthetic only. The chair could still just barely make 2 mph.

And it is moments like these, OF COURSE, when I find my excellent Spotmatic II out of film with no spare roll handy to document the pure WEIRD.

Le sigh.

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