Other Stuff...
This is a directory of other bizarre stuff that lies upon the site here.

Radio Equipment Astrology ... This is just damned strange. (From an early 80's electronics mag.)

Gee, I own one of these... I'm so glad to know they're legal in 50 states.

ZERT! ... I really should see a psychologist about these kind of urges.

For the exceedingly bored; my community service project log.

See if you can spot what's strangely named or very messed up here. (Yes, I fixed the link.)

Sketches (added October 22, 2000)

She kinda looks like a really peeved PowerPuff Girl, doesn't she?

This is a General Motors Electro-Motive diesel-electric switch engine of unknown type that "lives" somewhere between the Miami Amtrak terminal and the Tri-Rail/Metrorail station in Hialeah.

A Miami-Dade Water And Sewer department notice I, uhh, annotated. A fish, a barrel, and a smoking toilet...

A Romero Britto-inspired kitty. Not really a sketch, but, it's here. Foon.

Fan Art/Cameos

Fan Art: Nonexistent, so far.

Cameo appearances:

Storm appeared in this Snail Dust strip as an innocent bystander witnessing the almighty Ondine's wierdness. Later, Ondine drops in over here at Blue Neon to play with the coffee stirrers and toothpicks.

Some other appearances by characters from other comics have been spotted over on the Archive page.

You are now leaving Miami. Come back when you get a minute.

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