"Armed Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) personnel at door checking for receipts makes the sale atmosphere complete!" - Observation by a Service Merchandise customer (namely, my dad.)

Welcome to Rage Against The Megastore.

This is a site dedicated to the evils of megastores such as K-Mart, CompUSA, Best Buy, and Office Depot, just to name a few.

Such chains have abused the American (and elsewhere!) consumer by stifling competition, displacing small, independent stores, establishing an impersonal uber-monopoly; censoring, co-branding, or even totally locking out product lines from their stores; subjecting workers to bad conditions, poor pay, and long hours; causing customers grief with high prices, bad store layouts, and terrible 'customer service' policies; publishing misleading advertising; and the sale (and re-sale!) of damaged, defective, and unusable merchandise.

The Megastore Wall O' Shame
This listing will be maintaned and updated with my own and your experiences with megastores, in the interests of directing consumers toward stores that conform to a higher standard of customer service.

In other words --- ones that won't rip you off.
We currently have 2 megastores on the Wall O' Shame.


Best Buy

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