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B/102 Key Biscayne
M/113 41st St

route.asp: Transfers to the MDTA route information page on the selected route, including destinations, intersecting bus routes, and link to a PDF map.

WARNING! As of October 21, 2007, MASSIVE service cuts will be taking place. Overnight 500 service north of Government Center will be permanently discontinued, among other fine little surprises... CHECK WITH MDTA BEFORE PLANNING ANY TRIPS!

New Routes - Effective Nov. 21, 2004:

Busway Flyer: 34
Airport West: 41
Liberty City Connection: 46
Gratigny Connection: 68
Goulds Connection: 216

* Some MDTA routes do not have an easily identifiable number. However, the route name or letter cannot be used to look it up through this form (rawr!)
The numbers for these routes are as follows:

95 Aventura Mall: 951
95 Brickell Norwood: 952
95 Carol City: 953
95 Civic Center Norwood: 954
95 Downtown Civic Center: 955
95 Earlington Heights: 956
A: 101
Airport Owl: 236
Airport/Tri-Rail Shuttle: 133
Airport West: 41
B: 102
Bird Road Max: 240
Biscayne Max: 93
Brickell Key Shuttle: 248
Busway Flyer: 34
Busway Local: 31
Busway Max: 38
C: 103
Card Sound Express: 300
Coconut Grove Circulator: 249
Coral Reef MAX: 252
Coral Way MAX: 224
Dade-Monroe Express: 301
Doral Connection: 242
E: 105
East-West Connection: 238
Flagler MAX: 51
G: 107
Gables Connection: 152
Goulds Connection: 216
Gratigny Connection: 68
H: 108
Hialeah Gardens Connection: 282
J: 110
K: 111
Kendall KAT: 288
Killian KAT: 204
Koger/Tri-Rail Shuttle: 132
L: 112
Liberty City Connection: 46
Little Haiti Connection: 202
Little Havana Circulator: 208
Ludlam MAX: 267
M: 113
Midnight Owl (overnight Metrorail route): 500 
Night Owl: 246
North Dade Connection: 241
Okeechobee Connection: 245
R: 118
S: 119
Saga Bay Max: 287
Seaport Connection: 243
Sunset KAT: 272
Sweetwater Circulator: 212
T: 120
V: 122
W: 123
West Dade Connection: 137

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