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05-28-2002 - OpenOffice - An awesome free, open source office suite, for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. OpenOffice supports almost every common file format under the sun (uhh, that's sun, not Sun), and is amazingly compact, efficient, and flexible. *sound of MS Office being cheerfully uninstalled*

05-28-2002 - wow, I update this a lot, don't I? - PawSense - Here is a product that every PC owner with a cat or other animal who likes playing with the shiny box should have. PawSense detects catlike typing activity and blocks it out safely until a human wants to use the computer. (Well, this should be effective until cats learn how to use mice, trackballs, touchpads, touchscreens, etc., at which point all bets are off.) For a low price of $20 you can protect your computer from accidental commands entered by furry paws.

04-29-2002 - - Ever wondered just what's down there below your feet, behind that mysterious door in your building, or what's in that abandoned one across the way? helps answer these and many other questions through exploration, and lets you explore such mysterious structures as drains and abandoned buildings from the relative safety of your PC.

03-04-2002 - Geocaching - Geocaching is kind of like the ultimate scavenger hunt. Using GPS navigation, participants locate hidden caches, picking up and leaving behind various objects. The caches can be located in anything from forests to busy urban areas, and range from easy to find to difficult (as in, requiring climbing gear).