Blue Neon
A Soundtrack for Defenestration

Produced by Levitating Betta Records

Now Available on Trinary Encoded Digital 8-Track
(or, in various downloadable forms for those in dimensions where such format has not yet been adopted. If you get a screen of nonsense instead of audio from the .ogg files, right-click the links and choose Save Target As. Or, ctrl-click, if you're living in the dimension of one-button mice.)

The WDGR Files!
(Stuff produced at the Lake of FireKendall, Florida studios of WDGR, 1600 AM
Assfoam! Produced by me, Jason Bunche of the Jason Bunche show (formerly at WRGP), and Ivan 'The Machine'. No further comment.
Untitled, by Luis of The Witching Hour and Teresa 'Tinker Hell'. (Warning: Contains explicit language.)
La la la la la la... oh it burns. This is what you get when you leave me in the presence of shiny audio equipment when bored. Version 1, and version 2. (I also made this into a station ID that for one reason or another never got used.)
Con Queso! Vocals by Tinker Hell, and... some other person whose identity I have forgotten.
Elvis! We were trapped outdoors for HOURS at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival one year, and decided to make fun of the dangerously loud and dangerously bad musical talent. (I had to completely cover the screen on a Shure SM58 mic with my hand to be able to record the sound from 200 FEET AWAY without driving the Tascam 788 into clipping, and some of the people working the event suffered permanent hearing damage. I kid you not.)
Random commercial! What do you get when you have an amusing accent and leave your project sitting around open in Cool Edit Pro? Some evil engineer comes along and copies it onto a website somewhere. Teehee.
The song that doesn't end! Teresa and Luis discover the amazing powers of Sound Forge! Aiee!
Papa November Weirdness! OMFG MYSTERIOUS
Firepower! Music and sound effects from Roadshow, a nifty pinball game. (The PinMAME DCS emulation was still a bit rough back then.)
Peppermint sniffing BIATCHES! Dedicated to our favorite station manager. Heh. (MP3 data with RIFF headers - .wav format.)
What did Blackbeard do? He used a Tascam 788!

Other madness:
Nice Weather For German Rubber Ducks! Lemon Jelly and (er, I don't know either) combine their musical powers, and thusly... CAPTAIN PLANET! Er, maybe not. But it's still nifty.
OMGWTF STFU N00B!!!1111111. No, not you personally, but feel free to direct this towards anyone deserving. Or, for that matter, stick this in your ant pipe and smoke it.
An audio recording of a perfectly normal trip aboard an MDTA bus. The sound you hear at 23 seconds is that of some vehicle rear-ending and thusly becoming pwnt by the bus.
An alternate version of a warning message that periodically plays from the voice system on said buses. (Warning: Contains the F word in a particular compound form. Like, don't blast this across your entire office or anything.)

High Frequency Soundscapes: Recordings from various sorts of radio, ranging from the unusual to the downright surreal.

Cuban V2a Transmission - Quite possibly one of the most mysteriously INEPT numbers stations around! The V2 experience is one of odd sounds and mixed signals. In this example, you can hear *TWO* other audio feeds mixing with V2a's broadcast - one in Morse code, one in voice (with a different set of Spanish numbers). This kind of thing makes me hope that the messages they are sending to their agents in the field are not life-threateningly important or anything... (Full 45 minute transmission!)

Narf. Furthermore, zort, and perhaps poit.