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(No longer relevant, I don't have ads anymore. ;)
Click here to win? Umm, if you've already won, why must you click it to win? (Author's note: Geez, playing "Find-The-Spam" is more rewarding than this.)

Dyed to death.
Horoscope: Today, something VERY evil will be done to your hair color.

Do I really want these people building anything that has the potential to fall upon my head?

See this? This is my boomstick.
Do they have online ordering? If so, I'd like a small handgun with which to SHOOT the monkey. :)

YOU BETTER F***ING GO AWAY... I'm doing the best that I can... I'm doing the best I ever did... GO AWAY!

This scares me. This just seriously scares me.

Hmm, I guess a casket does make a nice coffee table alternative before use.

mmmmmmm... forbidden doughnuts....
Exactly where this came from, and what it clicked through to, have long since been erased from my memory. Just why the hell is the snake saying "Uh-oh"?


... And you wear polkadot
I never clicked this one to see where it went. Behold anyway.

Mommy! I can see Jesus! Pass the
No, but he does drive the Busway MAX to Florida City.

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