Rant 0000 0001, August 17, 2001
I spent some quality time stuck in traffic today thinking about a rather unique and incredibly functional fixture: The urinal.

Ok, so it may have been because I had to go use one at that moment... but hey, nature just had to leave a message on the answering machine.

The urinal is quite possibly the greatest sign of innovation by modern man.
From the edge of the river, to a hole dug in the ground, maybe even an outhouse, and finally indoor plumbing, the technology of waste disposal made it possible for people to safely (and pleasantly) coexist in larger civilizations. But even with the invention of the flush toilet, a slight problem still lingered. Despite the fact that, um, the hardware of modern man (and woman, believe it or not) is fully equipped to handle peeing while standing up, toilets seemed to be universally designed for sitting upon, without exception. But, eventually, mankind came up with a solution to this problem: A plumbing fixture that allowed the much more convenient disposal of liquid waste, without having to worry about what's on the seat. Umm. Why in the hell did I write this?