The Sims

The Sims, as most of you know, is a game which simulates the life of a family that you build and somewhat control.

My little brother got the game recently and has been playing it like mad. The first thing he did once he got it installed was to name all the members of his family after the members of ours... and here's where things got silly.

My mom and dad both had awesome jobs. My dad was a nurse and an extra in a movie, and my mom was a police officer and then a daredevil! (Odd, it is, I know.) We lived in a nifty mansion...

Now here's the truly odd part. It could just be because such things aren't coded into the game, but... my parents never argued. My character was certainly not the constantly stressed out freak that I am. Everything was just perfect, except for the fact that my dad was capable of making SOUP catch fire, and that repairman who came to fix the dishwasher (sound familiar?) who wound up working on the shower for a few minutes and leaving at amusing speed.

I would say I'd rather live in this surreal digital world, except that my little brother just destroyed it minutes ago while trying to install the Livin' Large Expansion Pack.