You... big... SAUSAGE! I went to the mall before class to avoid having to get a greasy burger at the MDCC cafeteria. I'm still feeling the ooze from lunch in the back of my throat. Now THAT'S cholesterol! It's so greasy, it actually keeps the artery walls slick! Yum. I think I might go vegetarian again... oh yeah, I might as well mention that the chefs here like to try out new and interesting things with sausage! Eww, baked ziti with sausage slices, sausage palella, what's next, sausage pot pie? Sausage pudding? SAUSAGE BONUS / 1,000,000 POINTS! Sausage Surprise! Why are they so fond of sausage? Probably, because it's cheap, and spicy enough yet to hide the fact that it's made of bits of livestock that not even the rendering plant wants. It's quite possibly the perfect meat, from an environmental standpoint. It saves tons of meat byproducts which would otherwise be dumped in landfills or other already overstressed disposal facilities! It is just as efficient as the production of dog food... In which has been found high levels of the chemicals used to euthanize dogs .... Not to suggest anything here, of course. No, I'm not suggesting that when your parents took Rover "to live on a large faraway farm", he wound up in a can somewhere. That would be cruel propagation of a vicious urban legend... Boy, I am one crude S.O.B.

I kick the carnivore habit tomorrow!

(oh sure, watch me lose it and go running back to my Double Quarter Pounder tomorrow...)

I wrote this rant on my Handspring Visor (ah, faithful digital companion), so it's less wordy than usual.