I have this PDA case. My totally wonderful Handspring Visor Deluxe has been residing within it for the last week or so. I got it at Office Depot for 88 cents thanks to some kind of insane clearance sale.

Why am I mentioning it here, on the rants page?

The answer: It's trying to assimilate my soul.

The case is black, and made of leather of some sort. Not imitation leather; actual dead cow flesh. I would rather have gotten a case that's PVC or other synthetic material, mainly because of the tendency for leather to split and crack when it's no longer part of the animal it came from, but also because I somehow am just not comfortable with the idea of a cow or ... something... getting whacked up to make a case for some yuppie personal disorganizer.

But this is where it gets truly strange: The damn thing just feels so great to the touch that I keep playing around with it. It's just so soft and silky, if that word properly describes it. The only material I can think of that would be niftier to have made it out of would be tie-dyed crushed velvet.

As far as we try to distance ourselves from the fact through advances in technology, I guess the fact will always remain that we still continue to exploit Earth's creatures for our own benefit in very strange ways.