Dreams and other surreality. I saw this book at Hot Topic today about dreams. It had these little short descriptions of common themes in dreams and their meanings.

Man, they have NOTHING on my R.E.M. sleep periods.

If you've read my comics, which you probably have if you are reading this, you have way too much insight into how my mind works. My thoughts are a constant stream of discontinuity and utter surrealism, and my dreams are not much different.

A quick look through that guide revealed that either my dreams have no connection at all to reality, or the person who wrote the book pulled the explanations straight out of the Fnorder.

Ah, well, a book found across from the hair dye usually can't be considered truly scientific.

So I had a dream about walking through a cold, dark forest while on the bus. Looking into reality, its meaning is... Writing out these rants on my PDA is not doing good things for its battery life. (I've burned these two Duracell Ultra AAA's down from 1.55 to 1.40 volts in three days... Zowie.)