Evil Blue Bird Of Doom Award!

The Evil Blue Bird Of Doom is awarded to individuals or organizations who have been exceptionally evil. 'Nuff said.

Yeah, I thought I'd never officially award another one of these. I thought it would just wither away, abandoned and forgotten, like a lot of other crap I stick on this site.


Route 666, Dimension of Pain. The fare is DEATH, please have exact change ready.
Bird'd! #3 - Republican Party
Offense worthy of the Bird: Maintaining a "challenge list" of black voters in certain communities to delay or discourage them from voting, and hiring "private investigators" to photograph and observe them.
More details: BBC News.
BONUS: One Diebold voting machine, to be smashed over the head of Jeb Bush for no particular reason.

BLUE BIRD NUMERO DOS! - Florida Highway Patrol!
Yes, I realize you have a statue of limitations thing going, and cannot let your vehicular homicide investigation go on for more than 60 days.
However, asking me, less than 24 hours after a serious car accident in which one of my friends died, to travel 40 miles to give a taped statement while sitting in a patrol car on the side of the Turnpike with oncoming traffic from a toll plaza flying past for an hour is INEXCUSABLE.
Score: 455 points.
BONUS: One bus transfer, printed on official Paper Of Pain(TM) complete with razor sharp edges that can cut steel, good for a trip either to Happy Happy Farg Off And Die Land, or the ENTIRE length of MDTA route S on a Saturday night - on an old Ikarus 436 artic with defective air conditioning. DURING SPRING BREAK.
BONUS (contiinued): One overflowing urinal.

FIRST RECIPIENT: Unknown record company executives
Severity: 100
Proposed Acts Of Evil: Restriction of free trade, idiotic greed
As seen here (backup), some record company executives have decided that they aren't mooching enough money off price-fixing on CD sales, and have set their sights on collecting royalties off sales of used CDs. Let's give these few individuals a big Evil Toilet salute: FLUSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHWAWAWAWAH!

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