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Sometimes, you strange people out there in cyberspace ask us stuff. Strange stuff, of course.

I will attempt to answer at least some of your questions, possibly even avoiding the use of fire.  Imagine that!
Jenny has voices in her head, and wants to know what they're talking about.



Well, Jenny, a guide to dream symbols I found says that kangaroos (I guess they're similar, right?) suggest that "hostility of someone will cause great anxiety. You need exercise great care of reputation."

However, the fact that a flavor is unusually assigned to this animal suggests that its meaning is by no means usual. All the usual rules have been cast to the wind, probably through the pane of a high window.

Meanwhile, floating, I suppose, could be perceived as flying, which symbolizes control and freedom in your life.

My personal secretary pointed out that this probably indicates that happiness and possible criminal charges can be achieved through controlling the flight of those who are hostile towards you right through a high window. He also suggested, for some reason, running in a wheel.

I hope this bit of information is somehow helpful.
Surprise! My first message comes to me in the form of spam!
J.D. Leininger (info@(address deleted)) writes,

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J.D. Leininger

Well, J.D, first, I have some advice for you: Stop doing acid, you freak.

Okay, now that you're no longer on any hallucinogens, let's just see what product you are trying to get us to give you free promotion for, okay?

Wow. Your product is truly revolutionary! Who would ever have thought that unwanted body hair could be easily removed merely by tearing it out via brute force? This is truly amazing! Your product also serves as an exfoliant, as it adheres to the outer layers of your epidermis (who the heck needs that? It's just a bunch of dead cells anyway!), and takes them away with the cloth strip you cheerfully tear off of your flesh! I'll be sure to purchase a couple jars of your revolutionary ooze some time between now and when the sun becomes a red giant. Thank you, and enjoy the ride to my Trash folder.
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